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Jeff Sanderson

Jeff Sanderson was born and raised in Gloucester City, where he still resides. Jeff is a career Captain at the Gloucester City Fire Department where they’re one of the busiest single engine companies in the county.  He is a 2nd generation Fireman; Jeff’s father was a Volunteer in the 70’s and 80’s.  This is Jeff’s 22nd year in the Fire Service. He was a Volunteer for 4 years before becoming a Career FF.  Jeff is in his 18th year as a Career Fireman and in his 3rd as a Captain.  They primarily run a Squad Company but they do float the floor to the Quint (Ladder with a pump). They are 1 of 4 Hazmat Teams in the County, 1 of several ASHE (Active Shooter Response Teams), and are responsible for several other Specials Ops for the community.  They run approximately 1,600 calls a year, covering approximately 20 square miles with the 11 communities they respond to whether automatic, all hands, or the 2nd alarm.

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